Brand Values before Marketing

My goal is to create a series of blogs to highlight my process and experience of working in a startup and my journey of being both a Digital Marketer as well as a Designer. This short blog is one of the many series that would provide you some fundamental information and my insights.

Are you working with a startup to build their market presence from 0 to 1?

Curious to know how I’m approaching the process?

Before building any marketing presence it is important to define and understand a company’s Brand Identity.

Currently working with a startup, Infenno AB, a Swedish based company helping create a platform where exclusive student events & student jobs can be found and posted.

Process of Identifying the Brand Value

I had three long sessions with the founders to understand their goals and business model after which I put together an initial set of ten core brand values which reflected the company’s vision.

Further, it led to another brainstorming session to narrow down to four that aligns to their long term vision.

How to narrow down your brand values

  1. It is crucial to tie company values to the product- why? The product is the face of the company.
  2. Recognize what you value the most as a company — why? Values set the direction not just for its employees but also its relationship with its customers.
  3. Reassess your values and amend — Companies grow and expand, core values need to evolve too!

A digital marketer and designer expressing thoughts and ideas!