My goal is to create a series of blogs to highlight my process and experience of working in a startup and my journey of being both a Digital Marketer as well as a Designer. This short blog is one of the many series that would provide you some fundamental information and my insights.

Are you working with a startup to build their market presence from 0 to 1?

Curious to know how I’m approaching the process?

Before building any marketing presence it is important to define and understand a company’s Brand Identity.

Currently working with a startup, Infenno AB, a…

How Creators can build their communities to monetize their products and services through Instagram?

The first time I signed up for a fitness challenge was back in 2019. I remember exactly, there were around 89 participants attending the live session for the challenge.

Fast forward, I followed the trainer, and I passively consumed his content on his instagram stories which induced me to sign up yet again for another challenge. To my surprise, this time the signup for the fitness challenge had 1020 participants! Wondering which fitness group I’m talking about, it’s GetFitWithKanav!

As a digital marketer, I was quite…

The objective is to conduct research on a given online community, prepare a research report based on the observations by identifying problems and providing solutions for the members within the online community. The research is made as a part of 10K Designer’s Masterclass.

☑️ My top three takeaways when conducting user research as a team

👉🏻 It’s essential to start with an individual research before discussing with the team.

Why? — Good for brainstorming; to guide the team; to understand the problem space and solution space well.

👉🏻 Empathize to know the user’s pain points to ideate on effective solutions.

👉🏻 To be a good team member start by being a good…

The previous week was my final week at @sustainlab, and it’s been an incredible learning journey since graduating from Linköping University. It was great because of three significant factors:

  1. I had the most fantastic experience of working and understanding how startup works.
  2. My role was expansive since I was involved in various activities within the company, which contributed to create value for the company and my growth.
  3. I understood the Swedish market and its work culture, which is unique and supportive especially for women.

To begin with my journey, I previously had finance and taxation as my education and work…

Let me take you through an exciting topic, ‘The famous Pareto Principle.’ Also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity. The concept developed by economist Vilfredo Pareto noticed that 80% of Italy’s land owned by 20% of the elite population. He extended his observation connection on other countries through surveys to find that a similar distribution exists!

We can apply Pareto’s 80/20 rule in almost every aspect of our lives. Using the 80/20 rule to goal setting brings tremendous career growth and business success. Using the 80/20 rule to setting…

‘INFLUENCERS,’ a strong acronym in the digital platform, especially crucial to brand and marketers. Social Media influencers are personalities who have many followers across one or more social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and personal blogs. The existence of a plethora of influencers on digital platforms makes influencer marketing a critical component for both B2C and B2B companies. Popular categories influencers publish their content that includes fashion, travel, lifestyle, food, baking, healthy living, gaming, etc. relevant to their profession or their key area of expertise.

Companies should choose a marketing strategy based on selecting the right type of…

Often advertisers need to know if their advertising campaigns are performing or not. For this, Google Marketing Platform allows you to build and execute your advertising campaigns and use a system called Floodlight in Search Ads 360 and a campaign manager to track and report conversions.

Now, are you wondering how it tracks?

The floodlight system consists of tags that help in the tracking activity on the site through a cookie that recognize repeat visits and conversions details from the specific browsers. Google marketing provides a unified solution where all the products offered on this platform work together to help…

Keyword match types are parameters that help you reach out to your audience effectively and efficiently according to the business goals. All you need to do is to set your keywords to control which searches can trigger your ads to appear to your potential customers on a search engine results page (SERP). The vital step to follow when you are bidding on a keyword in your PPC campaigns is choosing a keyword match type, which indicates that Google, either aggressively or restrictively matches your ads to the keyword searches. Interesting right! Let’s see what the types are.

Overview of the Keyword Match Types

Let’s get deeper…

Image Source (Kelly et al., 2019, Financial Times)

There isn’t a day when you don’t come across online ads while surfing on your phone. Today, online advertising has become the most effective and impactive way for any business to reach out to their customers. There are several online ad types available that help small and large businesses expand their reach to attract new customers or retarget their old customers. Below are the different types of online ads that are used extensively by companies.

  1. Google Search Ads
  2. AdWords Ads
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Snapchat Ads
  5. Twitter Ads
  6. Banner Ads
  7. Google Display Ads
  8. Reddit Ads
  9. Retargeting Ads
  10. Mobile Ads
  11. PPC Ads
  12. Bing…

An organization’s business goal is to create a value of competitive advantage by understanding and placing the needs of their customers as a priority. Competitive advantage starts from humans as customers, where being customer-centric has been the mantra in the business world. Design thinking is a methodology that instills innovation with a human-centric design ethos. Innovation by itself is powered by an ability to understand people and their needs through direct observation. Thereby, innovation is considered a principal source of differentiation and competitive advantage, which is achieved through design thinking and agile approach.

Wait, now what is design thinking and…

Yashaswini Ravi

A digital marketer and designer expressing thoughts and ideas!

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